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About The Theater

Improv Theater Israel was founded in 2007 by Anna Preminger ,and is currently the primary home of Israeli improvisation .we Specialize in the art of improvisation for theater or stage in a variety of methods .

Improv Original Shows

For nearly two decades , we have created numerous original improvisational performances in various styles including:

“The Beat” “The cabinet” ,”Anna’s Friends”, ” Istra Balagina ” , ” Iltornativi ” and ” Three Improvisers ,” which showcases with great success in Tel Aviv and across the country.

The shows aim to showcase improvisation , and challenge improv’s boundries and rules.

Improv courses and Workshops

As part of the courses and workshops we offer, we have trained hundreds of players and amateurs all hooked on Improv , which greatly increased the improvisers community in Israel and established dozens of independent groups .

Also, we have instructed countless corporate workshops and have worked with companies from any size or market, including high tech firms government organizations and private agencies , It is our strong belief that improv skills develop life skills and life skill nurture work skills .That is why we aspire improv should be implemented in every possible workspace for the benefit of the employees the employers and the customers.

Our improvisers and instructors

Our Improvisers and instructors are the leaders and founders of improvisation in the country with a vast performing experience .all have an experience of over 15 years in theater and improvisation in front of any audience

  • Our Story – How we distributed Improvisation wherever whenever , and established ourselves as the prominent choice in Israel
  • Our community – How we spread improv magic and grow each year , meeting new creative people
  • Our improv festival – How our international festival endeavour became a leading branch of our enterprise
  • Our improv Workshops How we teach participants the basics of improv and help them develop their improv skills.
  • Our improv shows – How we perform a variety of improv shows, including long-form improv, short-form improv, and musical improv.
  • Our improv courses – Currently in Hebrew only
  • Our founder – About anna Preminger and the foundation story of Improv Theater Israel
שחקני תיאטרון האימפרוב תמונה ליחץ
תיאטרון מאולתר שותים תה
מופע אימפרוביזציה תיאטרון האימפרוב

International Improv Festival in Tel aviv

Improv Theater Israel, is thrilled to announce the first ever international improv festival in Israel! The festival which was postponed durnig COVID will take place in Israel’s bustling cultural and culinary capital, Tel Aviv soon the festival will host improvisers from all over the world , in 4 days packed full of workshops and shows

For theTel Aviv International Improv Fest click here

International improv performances and Impro workshops

we are always looking for collaborations and special events at the Theater.

we have hosted a number of international workshops and shows in our home in Tel aviv.

if you are planning to come to Israel as an instructor or improviser feel free to contact us

take a look at our past international workshops here

contact us on  English Events and workshops

Improv performances and Impro shows on Improv Theater Israel

from Complete plays to the most common sketches and improvisation games.

Impro performances –

Whose Line is it anyway? ” Style show – preordered for your company , organization , group, or living room. A dynamic and wild improvisation Performance ,adapted to your own audience Where everything is improvised on the spot and at the request of the audience. Skip between the various improvisation games .

Improv shows

Our flagship show “Three improvisers ” -Is a Long Form Improv improvisation show

“3 Improvisers” is the most well acclaimed show at Improv Theater-Israel ,Our three improvisers know each other back from the days of acting school. The show has been running successfully all over the country and is devoutly forming together professionally for over 10 years now seen by fans twice a month in Tel Aviv .We start out by voting for the name of the play and the lead character,after the wining name is selected, a full length Long Form play is created by the three improvisers and a musician

Improv courses on Improv Theater Israel

Improvisation courses Tel Aviv | Haifa | Jerusalem

Professional improvising courses in a variety of styles and at any level

we offer improv classes for youth , adults and professional actors .

– currently in Hebrew only –

Course Content

  • Active Improvisation Course ,(long form) where you create on stage scenes from your own imagination
  • Through practical work , you will get tools that will help you become more released , courageous , flexible , positive and creative .

Improv Theater Israel Community

Our theater is home to a vibrant community of students and improv enthusiasts. We are always welcoming new members to our community, and we encourage everyone to get involved. We offer a variety of improv classes and workshops for all levels, and we also have a number of performance opportunities for students to showcase their skills.

Our community is a place where people can come to learn, grow, and have fun. We are a supportive and welcoming group, and we are always looking for new ways to connect with our audience. We hope you will consider joining our community and experiencing the magic of improv for yourself.

Improv workshops on Improv Theater Israel

In addition of staging professional improvisational art , Improv Theater Israel offers amateur teams

And organizations with a working tool for developing individual and group capabilities . as improv refines:

Creativity, listening, positive thinking, acceptance , spontaneity, courage, quick thinking , confidence and cooperation.

Improvisation Workshops

Improvisation workshops can be a great way for businesses to improve communication, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

If you are looking for a way to improve your business, an improvisation workshop may be the perfect solution for you.

שירותים תיאטרון האימפרוב

Anna Preminger

Director and founder of  Improv Theater Israel . Improvisor , creator of improv plays instructor and teacher.

Having Graduated from seminar haKibbutzim acting school , and after appearing in dozens of plays
Anna Decided to follow her heart and traveled to the U.S. to study Long Form improv .
First stop – New York , Second stop – Chicago and Last – Tel Aviv .

Soon after her return to Israel she fulfilled the dream she had all along :
Bringing improvisation to Israel and opening a home for Improv in Israel .
Anna produced and created the improvisation performances :

  • Istra Balagina – at studio theater
  • Three improvisers and musician – at the simta theater
  • Iltorenativi – Kibbutzim and Jaffa theater .
  • Anna’s friends , The Cabinet , The Bit and numerous one time special events and festivals at Improv Theater Israel

Anna has graduated from  seminar haKibbutzim acting school
and improv school in New York and Chicago :
Improv Olimpic

The Pit -People Improv Theater

Annoyance Theater

Keith Johnstone

Anna Taught improv at “seminar haKibbutzim acting school” , ” Tzavta Campus ” and Instructed workshops for private ,  and business groups.

Participated in plays : “minyan nashim / Habima, ” On Air ” / Beit Lessin , ” Mezritch ” , ” the Zuchovitzky show” and “bamakel basargel / tzavta theatre”

    אנה פרמינגר